has anyone experienced this before? know whats happenning?

i am 32 w pregnant and about 2 days ago while i was trying to sleep i was having a terrible time breathing and then i became extremely nauseous. my bf told me to go to the hospital. so we went and on the way i started to have some lower abdomen pains. but brushed it off like it was nothing. while i was in the hospital the pains started to get worse and more painful and consistent. i was told i could get an ambulance to take me to a hospital that had a maternity ward incase i was about to have the baby. i said no. i figured i could handle driving on my own. the way there was a 30miniute drive. the contractions were consistent through out with a couple seconds in between of them getting lighter and then extremely more painful coming from my back to the front and feeling so tight. to where i was screaming in pain. by the time i got there the started to calm down and then eventually stopped altogether!? they checked me for dilation but i didn't have any. eventually they sent me home. since then i haven't experienced that but i have been having menstrual like cramps and nausea. and the weirdest thing TMI my discharge seems to smell like period blood. i have no idea what all this is about. anyone know?