Daycare center concern


Ive worked at a daycare before and my daughter has been to two others as well, but the one in our little town has been a little concerning. Most people in town say it’s the best but that has not been our experience. I found out they moved her to the ones room but I didn’t get to formally meet her new teachers or see the room. The first week didn’t go so good. I picked her up mid week and she was cold and sitting on the floor when we got home she had a fever of 101.2

I could tell when I picked her up she looked sick and her eyes were so tired. I got it put in a nice way from the lady at the front counter that she had her sweater on while they were outside. Also that they had been inside 30 minutes before I got there. She said spoke to the girls about not taking her layers off the next day when outside. They felt it was warm in the day. I said well yeah if it’s hotter and she going to sweat please take off her vest. Then I get told she is in her room and she’s not so I go to the infant room because she said she was in there some of the day and she’s not. Then I’m getting angry so finally she says oh she is in this other room where we gather at the end of the day. Then I see her and she does not look happy.

After thinking about all that I’m ready to move her. I shouldn’t have to tell them common sense stuff. I felt like when we walked into the room where she was that lady was walking in front of me and calling her name trying to make her smile before I saw her. Now I have to give them 2 weeks notice before leaving and I hate that. I feel like I need to call and check on her everyday. Ugh..