Should "doctors" have to define themselves


Overall question: when a "doctor" weighs in to give medical advice, do they have to qualify the type of doctor they are (MD, phd in English, chiropractic medicine, etc).

Had this come up and I'm interested in hearing opinions. Had someone state they are a doctor and then proceed to give medical advice. This was all around vaccines . Then found out this person is not an MD, they hold a D.C. Which is a chiropractor. This is not viewed as a physician by the medical field, cannot practice broad medicine and can't write prescriptions.

My complaint is, I believe it's committing the logical fallacy of argument from false authority. I believe that it is a misrepresentation in that time and place to make the average person assume they are an md.

I think they are well suited to be experts in chiropractic medicine.... I applaud their high level of education. However it rubbed me the wrong way to have them assume they are on the same level as MDs.

What are your thoughts?

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