Shortly after my miscarriage, a distant friend tells me she’s pregnant.

I’ve had a friend from high school come in and out of my life over the past ten years. Recently, we rekindled and I mentioned to her that I was currently going through a miscarriage. My miscarriage started exactly one month ago and my d&c; was two weeks ago. A few days ago (about a week after d&c;) she comes over to go to dinner and tells me she’s four weeks pregnant. I kind of froze and told her congrats but secretly I am PISSED that she told me this soon after all of this has gone down. Also....she’s only four I wrong for thinking she could have waited a few more weeks until I had a little more time to heal? (My husband already can’t stand her so he is pretty upset himself and all of my other friends have told me I need to leave her alone.)