Diva Cups?

Fae (he/him)

Hi ladies! So I’m 16 and because of financial reasons, I decided to buy a diva cup instead of having to buy a box of tampons every month. I just bought it today and my period is due in about 2-3 weeks, so I though I would try it out to make sure I’d be able to do it when the time comes. It went in fine, but I did have to wiggle it around a bit until it popped open all the way. But when I was taking it out I had a little trouble. At first, even though I was squeezing the base like the instructions told me to, I couldn’t get it out. I finally got it out from wiggling, twisting and squeezing it, but it hurt when the rim of the cup popped out. Also, a bit of blood (not a lot) came out with my discharge. Is it going to be easier when I have my period since there will be more lubrication or did I do something wrong? I’d love any tips and advice you guys have ❤️