anxiety TTC


Run husband and I have been trying since September 2015 and then actively trying with OPK in March 2016. We've tried preseed lube, no lube, lots of sex...and now have been referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. they called this past Monday (10/23/2017) and I haven't returned the call in hopes that maybe, just maybe...this would be the month. I am due for AF 10/31 but got the lightest watery pink spotting 6dpo that stopped the next day and now there is the lightest brownish pink spotting when I wipe after urinating. it's been going on since 10dpo. I have taken tests every day since then and all have been negative. I figured I'll hold off until Tuesday to test again if AF doesn't come. I know that's really the only way to actually know but the spotting is unusual and same with my boobs being sore for a week now and i have been really hot and sweaty feet and armpits. has anyone had negatives like this? but ended up pregnant?