I think my DH is embarrassed..


Last night was a good eye opener for me. I recently moved my husband up to Alaska with me. My dad is here, and it's home for me. So last night I took my husband to a Halloween party at a local bar with people who have known my dad since childhood. People that have watched me grow up. The entire time we were there, DH stayed pretty much away or hiding, he hardly spoke to me at all. So I had tried to give him a kiss, and was feeling pretty frisky. He actually told me to st, or he was going to kick me square in my ass. So I walked away and went and watched my dad play in the band.. This isn't the first time he's reacted to me like that. It's every day things too, like he won't walk next to me in the store, he won't hold my hand in public. I just feel like I am not good enough for him. He does a lot of little things that are aging up to be big. I tried to talk to him about it this morning. He got mad and asked how long this bs was going to last. He keeps telling me he didn't even do anything wrong. As soon as I start explaining to him how I feel he storms off like a child. I just feel done. I'm a nurse and I make OK wages. he doesn't work. Every job he had had, all 17 of them, I'm the last two years, he just quits. He gets angry over stupid stuff and quits. I don't feel like this is what I want for my life.