Starting work + Stopping BF

Momma Fox • 1 of each 💝💙

I need some support because this is a topic that’s starting to really effect my emotions. I start a job in 2 weeks, my baby is 3 months old. I’ve mainly breastfed since her birth. She gets formula when we are out and I’m not able to just nurse her. She takes formula just fine as well as the bottle. I know she’s going to do great. I have at least 45 bags of my milk stored. So I know she has some that she can still get.

I don’t want to have to run off and pump at work. I’d love the extra breaks, but it’s just an awkward thing for me? Something very much outside my comfort zone. I don’t want to have to store it in the work fridge until the end of the day, I don’t want to have to wash my pump pieces, it’s just going to be a hassle and I’m going to be frantically worrying that I’m taking to long and I don’t want to become an inconvenience. I understand legally they have to let me pump, but it doesn’t fit who I am.

I’ve also wanted to stop breastfeeding just because my fiancé doesn’t care to spend to much time with the baby because I make the milk, the foods right there so he sees it as it’s just easier for me to have her all the time. I know we could go about it differently but I want to be done.

On the flip side, just thinking about not having the special bonding time with her brings me to absolute tears. When it’s not being treated like a chore, I absolutely love laying with her. Feeding her and just having our time. That’s the only reason I don’t want to give it up.