7 days late! BFN! Has this happened to anyone and they were pregnant?


AF is now 7 days late and tests are still negative! Cheapies and digital clear blue clearly says not pregnant! I don’t want to keep wasting money on tests but it’s killing me! Going for blood test tomorrow! Anyone know how long that usually takes for results! This waiting game is killing me! Either give me my BFP or sent AF!

Update: went to get a blood test and it came back negative!!! I’ve never been late like this before! I’m so frustrated and sad! Now I just want AF to show her stupid ugly face so I can get on trying again! Can I still ovulate if I haven’t gotten a period yet! But I swear I had positive OPKs when I was supposed to ovulate! TTC is hard!

Is it possible to still be pregnant after a negative blood test? Has this happened to anyone! ?