All because of sex??


So I am a day shy of 30 weeks pregnant with my blessing of a daughter. I’ve got an anterior placenta but have been able to feel her kicks and movements very prominently since I first felt her at 21ish weeks. Well today I woke up and have not felt her kick or move very much which is okay because shes usually active towards noon on through the evening.

Hubs and I had very vanilla sex, nothing too crazy or over-exerting by any means. About 20 minutes after, I started having lower back pains and my right hip and down through my right leg went numb. That happens sometimes so I laid down to help it go away. It didn’t. Instead I began having Braxton Hicks, about 9 in a 40 minute span, all about 5-6 minutes apart and lasting on average a minute.

I began to get concerned because my back pain got worse during the contractions, and that paired with baby not moving was scaring me. I grabbed my cold water (I drink like a fish), something sweet, some cold orange juice, and after drinking all that and eating my cookie, I laid on my left side waiting for kicks and movements. Nothing. I even tried poking a round and jiggling my belly and nothing.

So I got out my Doppler and measured her heartbeat which was up to 170 while it’s usually 140. Then of course, I start to get really nervous as I can’t figure out why this is happening or if something is wrong. I know sex can cause Braxton hicks, but the whole situation is just very overwhelming.

I called the labor and delivery unit, went in to get checked out, and in the entire 45 minutes that I’m being monitored, there is not one Braxton hick contraction and my baby starts moving. So okay, now I look like a crazy psycho mom. Whatever. They tell me that I’m good, that the baby is good, and we’re good to go and just chalked everything up to sex.

AS SOON AS I WALK OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, I GET HIT WITH ANOTHER BOUT OF BRAXTON HICKS. I didn’t want to look like an idiot so I went ahead and got in my car and drove home. Since I’ve been home, my baby hasn’t moved at all, and I’ve tried everything again and this is the time of day where she is extremely active. Like she has dance parties in my uterus. On top of that, I’m having lightening crotch that doubles me over in pain.

Am I going crazy or is this normal?? I’m not one to freak out usually, so I’m thinking maybe it’s just a coincidence where all this annoying bad shit is just happening at once. But I don’t want to be one of those stories where a mom didn’t listen to her body and lost her baby. Sorry this is so long and any advice or personal stories are appreciated.