Faint Line Progress


Hello everybody! I wanted to write this post because as many of you, the first day I took a home pregnancy test this period I was very confused. I’ve got a very, very faint line, barely noticeable, and I was anxious to know if it was the start of something, well it really was as you can see in the attached picture. I took the test first thing in the morning everyday, starting 5 days before day of my expected period (9 days past ovulation), and ending the day of my

expected period (14 days past ovulation). On the 13dpo I had a quantitative blood test done and my levels were 370 mUI/mL. I am 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant! As an additional tip, timing is really everything, this was our second month trying, this month I bought for the first time an ovulation kit which I believe was the key on getting pregnant. I am 32 years old and have endometriosis, starting stage 2. Good luck everyone, I hope you find this helpful!