I REALLY want to have kids, and I'm scared I won't be able to.


I have wanted kids of my own all my life. Well, me having a love life wasn't what God wanted apparently, because I never got asked out and didn't got on my first date till I was 35. I finally met the man of my dreams and my best friend, but it took us 3 years to get married. We just got married in July, and here I am about to turn 40 in December. We haven't started trying for a baby yet, because: 1) its hard to have sex since we live with his dad, 2) I don't have health insurance, and he wants me to have some first, and 3) he wanted us to get on our feet and stable financially, especially since I moved from NC to VA to be with him and had no job there. I finally have 2 part time jobs, but I still don't have health insurance. I was hoping we would be pregnant by Christmas or at least January. When I see posts about people trying for years, I get discouraged, because I don't have years to try. We can't afford invetro, adoption, or surrogate. If I can't have children, I will be devastated in the worst possible way. I need encouragement!