as LDS do you think its good to support Trump on his opinion on immigrants


At church, I hear a lot of complaints on the Spanish/Latino Wards before and after our hour. I personally do not agree with any rude or unkind words they murmur about the wards (coming from a woman thats married to a hardworking Mexican husband)

With all the political debate that has happened, it took a toll on many people in my life and made their opinion change on how to view immigrants (in general).

I know God created ALL of us equal although some of us think we are superior in a way then another race/culture/etc. (Maybe our thoughts or words are not direct, but they could still lurk in our thoughts)

A lot of member followed Trump on “get the Mexicans out” and “build a wall”.. but thats not what they teach us in church. They teach us that we are all children of God and we ALL came here for a reason. So why all the hate on people that are in the same journey as you?

What are your thoughts/opinions?

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