Faint line or paranoid?


I have been trying to conceive for about a year and have been unsuccessful. Having a baby was a big wish of mine......up until recently when I have changed my mind about having a baby. I realized I like my life as it is and I am a creature of habit. I’ve heard having a child is one of the best things in the world, but also one of the scariest things as well. I hear about how much your life drastically changes and for some it is hard to get used to it. I love my life with my 3 dogs and my hubby. I like working the 9 to 5, come home, have dinner, lay in bed and watch my shows. Anyways.....with that being said (sorry for what may be useless information), I have been not feeling like myself lately. I am abnormally emotional, have been cramping, tired as all anything.....and did I mention way too emotional. I do PMS and get emotional, but not like this. I hate it. Now I am nervous that I may be pregnant. My periods are extremely irregular so I can’t go by my cycles. My husband and I were out of town for our birthdays and 1 year wedding anniversary and just got back yesterday. I had 1 pregnancy test left (First Response) and decided to just use it and i immediately saw a faint line. Back in the days when I was trying I would squint and hold it to light in hopes of a faint positive. Does anyone else see it or am I making myself paranoid? I know I should wait a couple more days, but figured I can get some opinions in the mean time. Thanks!

FYI this photo was taken about 5 minutes after peeing on the stick.