About Last Night: Make Love to Me Part #1

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Part 1

I’ve been a bitch to everyone today. You know what they say, “Hurt people, hurt people.” I was hurting and lashing out on everyone. I woke up this morning and I just didn’t feel good about myself. I didn’t feel good about my life. I didn’t feel good about my appearance. I wasn’t happy with my day to day routine. I needed a change. I needed progress. I needed elevation. I was becoming pissed with myself because I didn’t know how to start or what I needed to do to get to a better space. But it was clear that I wasn’t able to be content. Maybe I shouldn’t complain but I could no longer conceal that I wasn’t satisfied.

The only person to dodge the bullet of my wrath was my husband. That’s because he’d been at work all day. So when he walked into our uncleaned house with disgust in his eyes, I knew the words he would speak would send me over the edge.

“What the fuck did you do all day?”

When he saw the look on my face he instantly regretted his words. His demeanor changed and so did mine. We both thought I was about to raise hell but the tears that fell from my eyes threw us both off. I turned around, walked into the bedroom and slammed the door. I dove into our bed and sobbed. He didn’t follow me either which made me cry even harder. He was probably still standing there thinking to himself..

“What the fuck just happened?”

He didn’t know what was going on with me. I hadn’t communicated anything to him yet about how I was feeling.

I just cried myself to sleep.

I was awakened by the aroma of food. It was a welcomed distraction from my own thoughts. It also dawned on me that I forgot to cook dinner. But I instantly recognized the smell because it was the only meal he knew how to make really good. Steak, potatoes, and asparagus. I called out to him.

“Baby what are you doing?”

No response.



I got up out the bed and headed towards the door. As soon as I opened it I closed it back to look at what I saw out the corner of my eyes. My red spaghetti strapped dress, with my black stilettos were on the chair by the tv. There was a note with only three words on it.

“Put this on”

I guess I was still feeling like shit because tears fell down my face. I hopped in the shower hoping to wash the stink of self loathing off of me. I was confused though. If we’re going out, why did he cook? I got dressed anyway. Just as I was walking out the bedroom as if on cue, he was opening the door to come back in the house. In one hand he had a dozen roses. In the other, a bag that looked like it had a few groceries in it. He smiled at me when he saw me in a way that banished my insecurities for the moment.

“You clean up well sleeping beauty”

I didn’t even respond I just smiled back as I looked at him and then around the house that he cleaned up spotless.

I wanted to speak but I was feeling guilty now. I had somehow forgotten that I had a man who wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. A man who loved me unconditionally. I needed to apologize.

“Baby I’m so sorry I’ve just b.....”

“ You can tell me what was wrong tomorrow.” He went into the kitchen and sat the bag down. Then he put on his barbecue apron and his chef hat that came with it. He handed me the roses.

“Tonight madam, I am your chef Felipe!” He spoke with a Spanish accent.

I laughed. This was the first time ever he was the character in role playing, usually it’s me. I knew he was really putting forth effort to make me feel better and that in itself meant the world to me.

“I’ve prepared my specialty meal for you and it will be followed by desert in the bedroom. Pardon me while I put the finishing touches on the mood”

He turned on some music and grabbed my hand. We started slow dancing to If This World Were Mine by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn. He held me so close as we moved slowly to the music. He caressed my back and sang the words to the song in my ear.

“If this world were mine, I would make you a queen. With wealth untold, you could have anything, if this world were miiiiine, I’d give you anything......”

I rested my head on his shoulder and allowed myself to escape to the place he was trying to take me. As slow jam after slow jam played, it felt like we were dancing the night away....

He was treating me like a delicate flower. He led me to the kitchen and pulled out my chair.

He warmed our food up and we ate in silence just staring at each other with slight grins. I took about 3 bites of my steak, ate a few pieces of asparagus then downed two glasses of wine. I looked up at him and smiled. The intimate setting and the effort he was making so far reminded me how much I was loved by him. I needed to feel all of this. More than anything I wanted to feel him. He had me horny AF!!!

“Sir Felipe, I’m ready for desert”

He took off his apron and hat, grabbed the bag off the table, took another shot of his Hennessy then stood up and grabbed my hand again.

“ Your wish is my command madam!”

We headed to the bedroom. As soon as he closed the bedroom door it was on and popping.

He dropped the bag on the nightstand. I kicked my heels off. My back was facing him because I was trying to figure out what was in the bag. He grabbed me from behind and started to seductively kiss my neck. My head fell back into his chest as I closed my eyes to enjoy the touch of his lips. He slipped my dress straps down to my waist still kissing me. He caressed my arms and then my breast. As bad as I wanted to turn around and hop on his ass, I didn’t. I let him lead. It was clear he was gonna make love to me tonight. And even if this was a temporary fix for how I was feeling, I was about to bask in his remedy.

He undressed us both.

He laid me on the bed and turned me on my stomach. There was a brief pause of nothing followed with oil dripping onto my back. He began to massage my whole body starting with my shoulders. His touch, the way he gripped me and massaged my back, it was euphoric. He kissed the nape of my neck first. I folded my arms and laid on them. My eyes were closed. I was enjoying every minute of this. He kissed every part of my body that he touched. And he was touching everything!!

He massaged my arms, my back, my sides, my ass, my legs, and then he turned me over to massage my feet.

“Baby this feels so good”

He stopped kissing my feet for a moment to put his finger up to his lips.

“Shhhhh. I don’t want to hear no words tonight. I want to hear you moan all night”

From that point on I tried to comply.

Now I know I didn’t black out or anything but when I looked back over at the nightstand, everything was out the bag.

The massage oil, canned whip cream, strawberries, and chocolate syrup. I kool-aid grinned at the chocolate syrup because I knew where that was going. Instantaneously I was wet as hell, RTG!!!!!

He grabbed the whipped cream and strawberries first. He drowned a strawberry in whipped cream and fed it to me. As I ate it he licked the cream off my lips and we started kissing. He was using his tongue to retrieve what was left of the strawberry in my mouth. He got it!

Next, he covered my nipples with the cream. He licked and sucked my nipples back clean. He sprayed a line of cream from in between my breast to my navel sucking and slowly licking it clean too.


That was the only sound I could make. It felt so damn good. But when I heard the cap pop off from the chocolate syrup, I got wet as hell all over again. He didn’t have to tell me shit. When the cap popped off I automatically got into position. Knees to my chest, legs spread. He drenched my pussy with the syrup and went to work.