first IUI

Okay, I swore I wouldn't be THIS person but here I am. I had my first <a href="">IUI</a> last week on 10/24. I had four follicles on my US a few days prior, one was 20mm and the rest were close runner ups. I did Femara and a trigger shot. We have unexplained infertility though it's suspected I have very mild PCOS. Even though I SWORE I was going to play it cool and just assume it wasn't going to work, here I sit today finally second guessing everything my body is feeling. 6 days past <a href="">IUI</a>, I have very, very mild cramps. Like, so mild that I'm not sure I haven't concocted them in my own mind. I'm trying to find the balance between being hopeful they are implantation cramps and being realistic that they are most likely period cramps starting. I guess I'm just looking for advice from others who have been here and understand what I'm going through emotionally. Thanks in advance.