Help please!!

I need to know if I could be pregnant. My period is usually every 30-32 days and my last period was September 26. I had unprotected sex between oct. 22-26 I can't exactly remember which day. I recently got into a car accident and broke my foot. I needed surgery and I was given a prescription that can make you nauseous. I stopped taking the medication and I was still feeling nauseous a few days later... I'm not feeling nauseous now but I still haven't gotten my period to this day. Before my foot surgery I took a urine sample for a pregnancy test in the hospital and it came up negative so I know that I couldn't have gotten pregnant before the 18 of October. But could I be pregnant now from Oct 22 forward? Or is it like what the doctor told me and sometimes the period will be late when something traumatic happens such as my car accident? And if so how late? The month ends tomorrow and I still haven't gotten my period please help!!