Last night and today has been the worst days of my life 😒

Emma β€’ Emma, 27, Engaged, Miscarried my first baby in week 8 and 2 days of pregnancy 😒

Having thought I was 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant yesterday, and seriously unaware of what was going to happen to me later on that evening. At around 5.45-6pm uk time I went to the toilet and wiped and found the smallest bit of pink blood, thinking that it could be nothing and just spotting I went on with my evening, I go to the toilet again at 7pm and wipe again and more pink blood came out, now this caused me being in bits and calling my dad to take me to hospital. Having to wait in triage for hours on end for a doctor to see me and get me to see a gynaecologist at around 1am the gynaecologist doctor listened to what I had to say about what had been going on and asked if I would be happy to have a smear done and have her have a look to see what was going on. She then told me that there was some old brown blood that had possibly come from my cervix and sent me to have a scan today. In which case having had that done, found out my baby had no heartbeat and had passed away in week 8 and 2 days of my pregnancy. Being completely unaware of me losing my baby at the time, having had no pain or blood at the time until yesterday and today. I'm just completely heartbroken that it has happened to me and in my first pregnancy too 😭😒