Sleeping together on the first date 🤔

I need your honest opinions ladies 🙏🏻

I really like this guy. Our first date is tomorrow night, and I’m worried that I might have teased too much of the idea that I’m a very sexual person (which is true, but). I explained to him that this is just how my mind works, but I prefer the old-fashioned way. Here he was already assuming that we were going to have sex.

I feel like a horrible person, and keep thinking that I led him on, but also know that I played every bit off as a joke or a future possibility.

So the point that I’m trying to make is...

I REALLY REALLY LIKE HIM. I want that intimacy more than anything, but I’m worried that if the “sleeping together” happened on the first date that things wouldn’t work out between us.

Please, I need advice and or experiences!!! 😭

Just a bit of background: I’m 21, and he is 25. Both of us have been sexually active before.