Contractions at 22 weeks


Ok so I need to know if I'm over reacting or not. My and my husband where feeling a bit frisky last night and had sex. Right after parts of my mucus plug started coming out. I know that's not really too big of a deal because it can grow back. But I've also been having the worst contractions. I called my OB she told me I'm over reacting and it's just Braxton hicks and to relax. But the thing is these seriously stop me in my tracks. Like they hurt so bad I can't even stand up straight. My son was born 5 weeks early and idk if that means this one could come early or not. They have been coming on and off all day and are not regular but they last from a min and a half to two mins long. And the pressure in my back from it is real! What would you ladys do? Have any of you experienced this and what happened? I'll be going in just to be safe but I'm waiting for my step son to be picked up before we head out! Thank you ladys for your comments in advance!!!