Need to rant!!

Okay so I’m 13 w 4 d. A couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine and my boyfriends. She’s doing our gender reveal party, but since we last discussed it I’ve felt uneasy about it.

My boyfriend and I told her specifically what idea we wanted to do as far as a gender reveal. We want to have silly string be sprayed everywhere for the reveal because we both love the idea, and I honestly feel like it’s not as messy as chalk, or paint or anything like that. Upon telling her this she stated “but I don’t like that...” and all I could do was stare at my phone in astonishment. My thought was ‘YOU don’t like it? It’s not even your party, much less your baby!’ So I told my boyfriend who was like “are you kidding me?” I said no and then messaged her a long message basically saying that this was our party and that she asked for ideas, we gave her the one that we want to have at our party and for her to completely say ‘she’ doesn’t like it made me feel like she was tying to turn this into something of her own. After that she got defensive and made herself seem like the victim and said she was “sorry for bothering me” and all this. I then had to explain that she’s not bothering and I appreciate her help, it’s just the way she made me feel about her statement towards the idea my boyfriend and I want.

Anyways, it was all cleared up and then a few minutes later she said “my mom gave me a good idea!” And proceeded to tell me of this other idea of revealing the gender, but again I was like “honey we want the silly string to reveal it. Not balloons. Not confetti. Not chalk. Not paint. Silly string” what ever she chooses to do with that idea as far as the party is up to her completely, I just wanted to be clear on what she chose to do as far as revealing the baby’s gender.

Anyways flash forward to tonight. She snapped my boyfriend a picture and said “don’t tell ____” and he told me anyways. First off they’re closer than she and I are, but I HATE that she’ll hold it over my head. Saying stuff like “there’s a looooot that you’re boyfriend knows about me that I haven’t even told you” like uhm... congrats I guess? She honestly thinks she knows me inside and out, but literally she don’t know half the shit I go through. I have ONE best friend and he’s a guy and I tell him everything. My other best friend is my boyfriend, who also knows everything. Anyways, It was a picture of a test that looked like a pregnancy test. I flipped out, one reason because she was one of the first people I told when I found out I pregnant and also for reasons that’s really irrelevant to state here. Let’s just say she’s a copy cat, and a liar, and just a bunch of other things. Once he asked what it was she said “I’m ovulating!” And he said “why take it if you’re not even with a guy and trying to get pregnant?” And she said “just because” and he then stated “it’s not funny to joke about things like that ya know...” and she said “well no shit”

It just irritates me. Bitch why do it then?

I’ve just been thinking lately on how I really just wanna rethink this whole gender reveal party. I’m concerned and I honestly don’t want her to do it anymore. My boyfriend said “if you don’t want her to do it, then you tell her” they’re wayyy closer than she and I so it’d be easier for him to tell her, but he basically said “I don’t care if she does the party, I just don’t want her to tell people the gender before we know” this girl is also a big loud mouth and can’t keep secrets to save her life. We both know this too, and we both know that as soon as she knows the gender she’ll run and tell her mom and sister and dad and other friends. I told him flat out today I do not want her doing this party and that it definitely was a mistake on our part for even letting her do it.

I just needed to rant it out. I’ve only talked to my sister about her, who also has a disliking toward her like I do and obviously have talked to my boyfriend about her.

What would you guys do in this situation? I’m not one to put my foot down about situations, I usually let people take control and I just go with whatever. Basically I’m too “soft” and let people walk on me, but I’ve been changing that, or trying to at least.

I’m just tired of stressing and being irritated. I just want it over with honestly so I can quit the anxious worrying.