may be it's finally over please read need advice

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I wasn't sure what group to post this in I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant with my boyfriend we've been dating for almost a year. we both decided that we wanted to have a third baby before we are 30. I really have no one else to talk to about this because I feel like when I talk to my mother or to his mother they judge my actions and they definitely judge his actions. my boyfriend who I love more than I have ever loved anybody is a heroin addict. when we first met he was sober I will never even known he was an addict if you didn't tell me. we moved in together and he relapsed. literally spent all of my tax refund money. I have two children so it was a pretty good chunk. this continued on for months money kept upcoming missing then I noticed things started disappearing. the first thing that I noticed that disappeared was my 9 year olds TV that she just got for her birthday. after that my four-year-old couldn't find her tablet. then it was the DVD player, the sander, another tablet and my grandmother's battery operated weed eater. I am at my wit's end the straw that broke the camel's back this weekend was he blew through his disability money that was supposed to be for rent and I couldn't buy my four-year-old her birthday cake cuz he's clean me out. I told him that this relationship was no longer going to work unless he went and got professional help. I know they say that it doesn't work unless they're ready and I know that that's true and I really hope that what he did tonight was because he is ready for himself. there is a ton of things that I can tell you what he's done but I just don't have the time to do that just know that this man has financially cleaned me out and he has also cleaned my house out I have no TVs no electronics no iPads no tablets no DVD is no DVD players no nothing. finally tonight he got admitted into a detox and I really hope that it works now my whole point and writing this is to ask anybody on here as ever dated an addict who has come out of detox and what do I need to do to ensure that he does what he's supposed to do. I am still very angry and I hold a lot of resentment towards him but I also know that the things that he is done and the things that he has said and the lying and the stealing and all of that is not who he really is that's the drug but that still doesn't change the way that I feel but I know that if I continue to act upon my feelings towards him he's going to relapse as soon as he gets out because he can't handle me being so cold towards him instead of how I used to be so if anybody has any advice I would so appreciate it because right now I just want to beat his ass to be honest