Honest Company Sensitive Formula

Jenny ✌️❤️😺 • 💙 Caleb 💙 Stevie 💙 Asher

Any Mamas using Honest Company Sensitive Formula? My 4 month old has had a sensitive tummy since birth. I was pumping and supplementing with formula for the first 3.5 months, but just recently stopped pumping and am now exclusively formula feeding. We had finally settled on Similac Pro Sensitive which seemed to help with his gas. I read the ingredients label and was quite concerned that the first ingredient is corn syrup. I decided to put him on something organic and since I have always used other Honest Company products and I liked what I read on the ingredients label, I bought the Organic) Sensitive Formula. This will be his 3rd day on it and he seems to have adjusted well except yesterday he was constipated. He always has one giant poop every morning usually before noon. Yesterday he didn't poop until about 3 pm and when I could tell he was pooping I went to put him on the changing table and wait for him to finish. I opened the diaper and there was just a tiny bit of poop sticking out of his butt, and he was having a hell of a time trying to get it out. I literally had to use the lubed up end of a qtip to help him get the poop out. I'm hoping it's just the adjustment to the formula switch and not the formula itself making him constipated. Has anyone else's LO had trouble with constipation while on this formula? I'm hoping his poop today will be back to normal, I felt so bad for him yesterday. Anyone who has used Honest Co formula please let me know your experience with it. Thank you in advance.