Patiently waiting.... (long post)

So I caved and got on Google... 🙃... I found a article of early pregnancy symptoms and as I looked I realized I have had a lot of the symptoms over the past week and a half. The symptoms are as follows; nausea, fatigue, light bloating, intense dreams, sharp abdominal cramps, lower back pain, loss of appetite for food i usually love, heavy, watery cm. Also constipation, frequent urination, I've had metallic taste in the mouth, been feeling sleepy all the time, indigestion, and acid reflux. I have acid reflux all the time though. More of the sytoms on the list (that Ive actually had) were itchy nipples, feeling full all the time, excessive saliva production (I also have excessive salvation 24/7), darkening areolas, sore throat and flu like symptoms (I had a sinus infection last week too), burping, nosebleeds, migranes, acne outbreak areas), & insomnia.... The twist is I've taken 3 test over the past 4 days and they are all negative...Not even a VVVVVVFL