A Bit of Encouragement

Devon • She loved three things - a good joke, a glass of wine, & a handsome man.

Hey ladies!

Brief backstory - My husband is a testicular cancer survivor (stage 4, went through surgery, radiation and chemo) now in remission for 12 years (yay!!!).

I was with a cousin over the weekend who asked if we were interested in having children. We have actually just decided to TTC and we’ve been keeping in on the DL from family because we don’t want to get ours or anyone’s hopes up just yet. For some reason; however, I had diarrhea of the mouth when I was with my cousin and told her our situation.

She then told me about a friend of hers who’s husband was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. She said it was awful and he went through chemo, radiation, etc. After he went into remission (BIG yay!!), they wanted to try for their second child. The doctor told them that his sperm count was so low, it was basically nonexistent and they only way then would have children is if they went though <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>.

So they gave it to God and then a couple of months later, they were pregnant by natural conception!!

I loved hearing this. I immediately told my husband when I got home and he loved it too. I hope you all find the same sense of hope and encouragement that we did in this.

NOTHING is impossible. Just trust Him and keep the faith. In all things, be thankful.

Prayers to all!!