Miscarriage / progesterone?

Unfortunately I am going through a miscarriage and will have a D&C; by next week. This was my first pregnancy... I should be 10 weeks today but the baby stopped growing at 6w3d and heartbeat stopped sometime between then and now. My husband and I are heartbroken, but know it’s out of our control.

I inquired with my doctor today about future pregnancies and if they can test to ensure my progesterone isn’t low since I️ read that low progesterone should increase risk of MC. She said they don’t test that unless you’ve had 3+ MC. I️ am the type of person that wants to know everything and obviously being fearful of going through a MC again is emotionally draining.

Anyone have a similar experience? For my next pregnancy, should I️ push for my level to be checked? She said she will continue to check my HCG and thyroid (I️ have hypothyroidism), but that progesterone levels are not in the norm unless you’ve had multiple miscarriages. I don’t want to risk this rollercoaster again.. what harm is there in checking??