Am I being irrational?

My boyfriend and I have an amazing relationship, but there is one issue that I just can’t get over. So he and I have had sex quite a few times, but he is never able to finish from sex or oral. We will be going for 45 minutes or more, and nothing. He will usually complain of having blue balls and then he will jack off right in front of me and finish in less than 2 minutes. He told me that he jacks off everyday and talked about all the porn he watches and how nobody can make him cum except himself. He knows it bothers me that he never finishes with me, and he even looked up the reason and said it’s because he masturbates so often and does it so fast that actual sex can’t do it for him since it isn’t as tight or fast as his own hand. He is completely aware of it and has been for months, but he hasn’t done anything to change it. I’m not jealous that he watches porn or anything, it’s just frustrating because it feels like he’s choosing porn and masturbation over me. It’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to kiss him or anything because I don’t want anything to lead to sex. We don’t do anything sexual anymore because of this and it’s really starting to affect our entire relationship. 
Am I being irrational? Should I bring it up to him even though he gets mad when I do? Would you leave someone over this? Please help, thank you! 

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