Induced for low amniotic fluid?

Alessandra • 💙 #pcos #endo conceived on 1st round of clomid 🙏🏽 Baby boy 11/15/17🙏🏽Baby girl 11/28/18 🙏🏽

Has anyone experienced this? I'm 37 weeks and found that my level was 6 at 36 weeks after reading my results online. I called first thing this morning and my dr seemed calm and said not to be concerned and that I'll see him on Thursday for my regular appointment. Then 2 hours later he called me to schedule a Non stress test in the morning. My anxiety is through the roof! Why would initially say I'm fine to come in the morning? At 33 weeks I got the steroid shots because I went into early labor. At this point I would rather be babys lungs are already developed etc...induction was never part of my plan but I'm scared about this. Why wait until my baby is distressed to induce when he's fine now. Any advice on what I do or tell my doctor? Anyone experience something like this?