Sneak Peak!

Khyrstin • I am happily 👫 with 👧🏼3, 👶🏼19mo, 👼🏼 July 2017, and 🤰🏻due 3/9/20.

I know there are so many negative things on here about the Sneak Peak gender test. BUT I loved it! I found out at 9 weeks exactly we’re having a boy. I’m doing genetic testing at 12 weeks, so I’ll confirm. I know sometimes it’s wrong so we’ll see. But it was so fun for my husband and I and I would do it again! My husband said he’ll only be mad at me for 1 week if it’s wrong (we have 1 girl so he wants a boy) 🤣😂. But it was fun to do and crossing my fingers it was correct! Just wanted to share my experience! I’ll update in 2 weeks when we do genetic testing!