How I met my girl😘😘😘😘


I have been reading all the birth stories throughout my pregnancy and it helped me a lot.. and today it’s my turn to tell one.

I was very nervous about labor and being FTM made me more worried. But I was more scared of epidural than labor itself. I read book about natural child birth and watched lots of video on how to cope with pain during labor. But still kept my mind open for epidural if I cannot handle the pain and also for c-section in case of emergency for the safety of my lil one.

I was having mild period like cramps since week 35. But I have very heavy n painful periods so those tiny cramps didn’t hurt me much. At 38 weeks appointment I was already 3cm dilated n very thinned out. I have been doing squats, lunges and bouncing in yoga ball since week 36. Also eating 5 dates everyday since week 37. Not sure if dates help to thin out the cervix but I tried.

At 38w6d, Monday 30th October morning at 4 I woke with some pressure to poop. I went to restroom and I had bowel movement. After that I started some cramps but I was feeling it for weeks and they were mild, I managed to sleep ignoring it could be real thing. At 6 am I felt more urge to poop and went to restroom again. I felt my underwear very wet and it didn’t have any mucous on it. I never lost bladder control in the entire pregnancy so I was sure it’s my water. I messaged hubby from restroom and he said it could be pee. So we decided to wait. But I felt tiny drops coming out and also started feeling intense cramping. So I started to time them. They were 2min apart for 45 second for an hour. So I called L&D; and was asked to come in to get checked out. I took bath and got ready. Put pad incase of leakage but huge water gush came out as my baby moved. I changed my pad again, had breakfast and off we went to the hospital with our bags.

As we reached, my contractions were more painful but manageable. We got to triage at 8:30 am and put on monitor to check baby’s heartbeat and contractions. After 20 min if monitoring, doctor came in and gave me the good news. M 5cm, 80% thinned and my water was broken. I asked if I can labour In birthing tub and doc gave green signal. Every hour I was put on monitor for 20 min and 40 mins in tub. I spent first hour in tub and second hour to walk around. But by this time I was having urge to push. I told nurse that I need to poop. She asked if I want my cervix to be checked and I said yes. I was 6 cm then. After one hour in tub, pain became unbearable so I spent some time on bed. And I asked nurse to check me again. And at 1:30 pm I was 10cm dilated. All the way without epidural.. my hubby n nurse encouraged me to go without epidural since I have unbearable pain during periods, I can do this... And I did it😊😊

I pushed for 2.5 hrs and my beautiful baby girl was born. They put her directly on my chest and hubby cut the umbilical cord. She cried instantly and then looked into my eyes... most precious moment ever😘😘😘😘 We had skin to skin for 1.5 hr. I had 3rd degree tear but it’s all worth it for my girl.

She was born 6lbs 5oz and 19.5 inches.

We don’t know our capacity but we have got this... All the best for all the momma.. have a safe and happy pregnancy