Sneaky Bitch


We waited 2 days before having sex after Aunt Flow left and the whole time we was having sex I was good no blood or nothing we even turned on the lights and checked to see if I was bleeding no blood in sight so my husband decided he wanted to go down on me since there’s no blood so I’m enjoying this head I mean grinding my 😽 all in his mouth (SorryTMI) after I came he got up to turn on the lights I looked down and

I’m like oh shit he turns around like what

And I died laughing he’s like wtf where that come from and I’m like still dying from laughter I said I’m sorry baby we checked before u went down he starts to panic the whole time we was in the shower I’m dying I mean i stopped to see if he was mad but that was something we could laugh about for years aunt flow lil sneaky ass did that