I’ve been dating this guy but not sure how I feel, need advice so bad!


So I’ve been dating this guy for about two weeks now and I know it’s early but I just want to know if anyone’s felt like this or am I overthinking it??

So he is really amazing, he drove two and a half hours to come see me. Spent a crap load of money on me just to make this weekend special for me. On top of that net my family, which they loved him. Overall it was a great weekend and he’s the sweetest!! Well I’m not used to guys like him n not in a bad way but he’s just so sweet and nice and sometimes Idk how to take it cuz I’m not used to it.

I also haven’t dated anyone since I got out a real bad toxic relationship w my ex that was 4 years. And I’m not used to letting people in my life so quickly and I just get anxiety giving myself to someone again. Which there’s no reason to be scared because I know he’s a good guy.

I just get super nervous and anxious w all of this but like I said I shouldn’t be cuz he’s a good guy can any of you ladies help me figure out this dilemma and what do you think I should do ??