First week on Birth control pill pls help


Hi everyone,

I️ just finished my first week on the pill (Vienva) I’m worried if I️ should continue. I️ took Depo back in 2012 and spotted everyday for months. I️ stopped because I️ was tired of wearing a pad damn near everyday. My cramps are very painful however but I️ deal ( I️ don’t have a choice lol) my doctor suggested I️ take the pill. I️ was a bit skeptical about getting back on and so far my period should’ve been over but I️be been spotting and I️ been lightheaded and drowsy + a bit of anxiety (which I️ already have bad) Idk if I️ should continue and I’m wondering if I️ should quit.

Can anyone tell me the experiences they’ve have had starting the pill negative/pos and/or if you had to quit and how your experience quitting was like.