Stressed all day over bf's parents!

So long story short, my bf's mom has argued with my bf twice within the past weekend. Both times she started it out of nowhere & said really horrible comments I wish to never hear a mother say to her son again. The first time I was in his room listening to it all. I was so heated I just wanted to jump out there & help my poor bf out but instead I was just like

The next day they made up & everything was good. Until the next night when she started the same argument with him again. This time I didn't hear anything. I only noticed something was wrong when he came back into the room. He never told me what she said, but he said it was worse than the first time, which I can't even imagine. All I did was be there to cuddle with him.

I was going to leave that night (Monday night) to go home, but my bf said it was best to stay the night as he wasn't sure if his mom was sleeping on the couch & he didn't want me to go out there because it would be awk. So I stayed. I was planning on leaving Tuesday morning when my bf left for school. That morning was going really well...we were both happy. UNTIL his dad came out of his room right when we were about to leave.

I was in my bf's room & the door was slightly open. As my bf's dad was walking past, he goes "Are you alone...nope never mind" as he sees me. He knew I was still there as my car was outside. I was just like ouch, okay, & kept packing my stuff.

He than goes to my bf & tells him they need to talk about what happened last night. My bf said he'll talk to him later because he was going to be late to class. His dad really didn't care, & continued to talk to him anyways. My bf closed the door to his room where I was, but I could still hear everything they were saying. His dad told him that he needed to say sorry to his mom for all the "horrible" things he said to her. My bf said that he was not going to say sorry to her as that's exactly what she wants him to do. Like his mom NEVER says sorry to her kids even though she's at fault 99% of the time. She even made a comment one day saying that parents should never say sorry to their kids, that kids should say sorry to the parents no matter what. After hearing that I was just like

Anyways, his dad was saying how rude my bf was being & whatnot. He was calmly trying to explain to him what his mom told him but he didn't care. I sit down on his bed & all of a sudden I hear his dad say "& she needs to be gone for a while. Like a long time." Directing it at me. I have no idea what my bf responded with because I instantly teared up. My bf came right into the room after that & tried his best to console me but was running late to class. We both left but talked about it later in the day. I was upset, unhappy, & stressed ALL day yesterday trying to figure out what the hell i did for them to treat me this way. Before I went home yesterday night, I stopped at my bf's house to pick up my bc pills I left but I had to pee really badly & my house is an hour away. I asked him several times if it's okay & he guaranteed me it was. As we stepped in the house he said "she's just here to use the bathroom." His parents were sitting at the dining room table & COMPLETELY ignored me. They did not even look at me. It was super awk.

I literally just went in & out of his house. When we got outside I got upset again, trying to figure out what the hell I did. My bf said that they were prob just embarrassed from what happened (tbh they should be). Fast forward to today, he's supposed to finally talk to his parents. I'm home & im stressing hard core because idk what's going to happen. I sleep over at my bf's house Thursday-Sunday because my work is by his house, my house is an hour away & it's just easier so I don't have to drive back & forth. I would have him go over to mine, but everything is by his house & my parents are strict. He's guaranteed me & is very confident that I'll be there tomorrow & everything will be okay. However, I'm not. I understand it's his parents house so their rules, but we're both 21 & are grown enough to not have to go through this. I shouldn't not be able to see my bf & spend time with him. We would move out & get our own place but we aren't stable quite yet. It just sucks that his parents purposefully drag me down all the time. I'm the sweetest girl...idk how to deal with this.