Am I in the wrong, or is she?


So my so called "best friend" from high school had a baby last year. I supported her through everything, from finding out she was pregnant (unexpectedly I may add) to believing her when she said that the father had gotten her pregnant without her knowing on purpose. I never once said anything about her sleeping with two different guys. I even kept my mouth shut to the father who she was technically dating. I was supposed to help plan the baby shower (Because she wanted me too) but ended up not even getting the chance to because the father's sister (who she never liked may I add) did everything herself without even including me. then when her baby came I fell in love with him as if he was my own, whenever I came over I'd take over mom duties for her so she could rest because the father never helped her after work or even on his days off. When I finally brought my new boyfriend (now finance) over to her house he did the same. took the baby played with him, feed him, changed diapers, helped clean her house, and cook dinner all while the father still didn't do anything. When the thought of my fiance and I came up about starting a family of our own she always told us "don't do it, it's not a good idea just wait because you'll hate it." (keep in mind I love kids, I took classes in highschool, I practically helped raise my niece's and nephew, as well as her baby) occasionally she would tell me the father would say he wanted another baby and he thought they could handle another child even though they didn't always have enough money for everything. we had gotten into an argument because my fiance and I had moved into a new apartment and she thought we couldn't afford it. (which we can) and I told her I felt like she never supports me because she constantly tells me not to have kids (even though that's my decision) I recently found out im pregnant and the day I found out I told her about it, and she didn't say congratulations or anything she just kept telling me how things will change and how expensive babies are. then the next day she found out another one of her friends is pregnant and was posting it all over Facebook saying she's so excited that her baby is going to have a best friend to grow up with and she's so excited that her friend is pregnant. she still hasn't told me she is happy for me or anything doesn't ask how I'm doing at all, she just doesn't care about me or my pregnancy. now to top it all off, after she's told me she doesn't want to have another baby yet she is pregnant again. she's excited about it as any mother would be of course but it just upsets me how she doesn't care about my pregnancy, didn't want a second baby in the first place, and now she's having one. now they don't even live in their own house anymore, they are staying with the father's parents, and yet she tells me that I shouldn't have a baby even though both me and my fiance have jobs, were living on our own, doing good and our baby was planned. I've been so upset about how she treats me and the things she says to me and the fact that now she's pregnant again (I know I should be happy for her and her pregnancy but after everything it just upsets me) Now my question is am I in the wrong for how I feel, or is she in the wrong for the things she's saying to me?