New phase into our lives ( sorry kinda long)


So this has not a lot to do with pregnancy but my fiancé is the corniest man I know. We’ve been together for a total of 8 years now have not been blessed with babies yet 🤞🏽though. So the other night we’re moving into our new place that we just signed 🔑 a year lease for, it is a two bedroom one bathroom with utilities included 😍😍 I know right. So we’re moving boxes in and he hands me a pair of Star Wars drinking glasses so I ask him what are these for and he tells me they’re our first pieces of dish ware for our new house 🏠. So I’m all giddy because I think hat it’s hella sweet that he went and got a pair of his and hers Star Wars glasses. So he tells me to reach up high and put them in the cabinet lol I am kinda short so as I’m reaching up I notice something in hw bottom of the glass that catches my eye 👁 so I look 👀 in there to figure out what in the world it is and low and behold it is the most beautiful pear 🍐 shaped engagement right I’ve ever seen. So my heart is like super racing right now

So I turn around to question him about it and before I can ask him anything he’s down on one knee and has his finger up like lemme say something before you say something and he tells me the most beautiful speech ever. “Quenae I have known you for almost 9 years now and have lived you from the first day I met you. You are everything I’ve ever hoped for I love you my family loves you. I know we lost our daughter and so many other little angels that I still want you for everything you are everything you have and don’t have and for everything in the future. Like you always told me when sky’s are dark they’re only dark for a certain amount of time then the sun shines right in through well I believe we have found our sunshine. You bring out a side of me that I never thought possible and you bring so much joy into my life that I was wondering if you’d do me the favor of making me the happiest man in the world and please spend the rest of your life with me.”

So I am a balling ness because I think about our whole relationship and how he’s just a perfect angel 😇 I never have to worry about any cheating scandal or anything and here’s this man in a world full of 7.6 billion people who wants to spend the rest of his life with me so what do I other than hell yes. He literally is the greatest person I know and our wedding date is 12/25/2019 after our ten years anniversary.