She's here - better late than never!


DD was Nov 8th. I was booked in for an induction on the 16th (Thurs) to start the cervidil, then to send me home and come back Friday to break my waters if I hadn't progressed. 7.15am we come to the hospital, I'd been having contractions every 10-15mins since 2am that morning so was hoping I'd progressed past 2cms dilated (which I was, a week ago).

Midwife does an exam and tells me I'm still at 2cms although now fully effaced. So the cervidil was inserted (holy shit that was not fun!). Within five minutes my contractions had me clawing at the bed sheets and breathing profusely. I was left like this for an hour (it was now 1030am). I begged my husband for an epidural, morphine, anything to stop the pain. The midwife brings me panadol. Weak sauce, man.

So I contracted for another hour until the midwife realised how intense my contractions were and that I was dilated to a 5, and suggested we move to the delivery suite. We arrived in the suite at 1135am. Midwife told me to get comfortable in whatever position I wanted, so I headed straight for the shower and got down on all fours before the next contraction hit. The midwife was out setting the room up, getting ready to check my obs.

Next thing I felt that irresistible urge to push,on my second push I felt the weight shift and the pressure in my backside so I half yelled, half banshee-screamed "she's coming! ".

The midwife comes in and says "you're probably not there yet love, let's just check and see where baby is..... *puts hand in* okay darl babys head is almost out, I need you to keep pushing.".So I pushed with all my might, fought through the ring of fire until she told me to stop. My legs weren't far enough apart to birth the shoulders. One almighty push later and I feel that glorious pressure leave, and hear the cries of my child. I take a quick glance at her, yes she indeed has a vagina, phew. My husband was just kneeling infront of me flabbergasted, unsure of what just happened.

They were quick to get me out of the shower and onto a bed as I was losing quite a lot of blood and they didn't have time beforehand to get the canula in my hand. After delivering the placenta I kept losing blood so was hooked up to an IV and given a cocktail of drugs to stop the bleeding and to rehydrate me.

Amazingly I didn't tear at all. I do however have bad grazes either side of my urethra. A catheter was put in to help my uterus drain the blood and to help with peeing on my grazes. Two hours later I was allowed to go shower and come back to my room.

I didn't want to do it. I begged my husband to get me pain relief. He stood his ground and told me no, I can do it (I gave him instructions prior to not let me cave). I told him I'm not giving birth today. I begged for a c-section. But I did it. I pushed for not even five minutes and delivered an 8lb 10oz, 51cm gorgeous baby girl with nothing more than panadol and a few huffs on the gas while I pushed. I'm so glad it's over but I can't wait to do it again ❤