Maybe TMI - sex at 36+5

meg • 2 🐈, 1 🐶. 👰🤵30-7-16. 🧒🏼 Tess 02-12-17. 🤰#2 arriving October 2020

Hi! So my DH and I had a ‘quickie’ this morning because we’re both stressed and tired and wanted some pleasant endorphins and closeness before the day started. I orgasmed manually first and then we tried side position but it was painful for me, a stinging sensation. So I got on top and that worked and wasn’t painful. I’ve used the bathroom twice since then, the first time was about an hour or so later and there was a small spot of blood on the toilet paper. I just had a bowel movement and there was more blood and a little bit of a thicker clot. Some of the stinging feeling when peeing. I feel no cramps and baby is active as usual but not more. I’m not having any significant discharge.

Anyone still doing it at 36 weeks and having different side effects? The discomfort isn’t worrying me as much as the bleeding. I’ll keep checking to see if it stops or gets worse.