10 year old advice, I guess?


My stepdaughters mom keeps saying, “she acts so immature for her age! My Little’s and yours (mine is almost 2) are more mature than her! I just don’t understand..” and asked for my opinion on how to “make the oldest one grow up”. She was lying (it’s gotten better) a lot over stuff like, “who didn’t clean their spot up at the table?” If it was hers, she’d blame it on a younger one bc she didn’t want to get in trouble. If she didn’t feel like putting clothes away, she’ll throw them in the closet then act like she was clueless on how that happened bc she didn’t want to get in trouble. She’ll “forget” to do chores constantly or not do them completely resulting in her eventually getting in trouble bc she knows how they’re supposed to be done. The mom also thinks the daughter should be outgrowing “baby toys” (barbies, little toys and giving them their own voices, wanting to take a bath and play with barbies in the tub) and be more interested in stuff for her age. She understands playing with my LO when she’s here but he plays with cars, fire trucks, trains (Thomas and friends) and educational toys.

Some people think she never got to be a kid and was “forced” to grow up at her moms faster bc she’s one of four kids (like in 1st/2nd grade, she had to sit down and do her homework. If it didn’t get done, it was her fault. She was also responsible for getting up to her alarm clock and packing her lunch). Others think it’s her way of getting attention, even if it’s bad attention, it’s still attention.