couples trying to get pregnant please read

hi. i am 42 years old mom of 3 and have an angel baby. i had ny kids at ages 21. 25. 40 and lost at age 41. here is what i learned. 1. ovulation time is not just what you read in textbook cases. i ovulate on day 7 of 30 day cycle. some ovulate while on period. some may be textbook cases. just note dont believe all you read about ovulation on this or that day...just have sex throughout cycle. it will help some to concieve. 2. have sex atleast every 2 days to maximize sperm transportation. even sperm needs to mature. dont have sex 2 or 3 times a day ...sperm is not mature and cant swim well. 3. when you fall pregnant the cervix softens. learn to monitor your cervix. 4. dont stress when ttcing. relax. enjoy. 5. test when you miss your period. stop testing early. 6. healthy couples should seek advice if they cant fall pregnant after 6 months of ttcing. 6. if you have ovarian cysts metformin in low dose can decrease size of cysts and help regulate cycles. good luck