Amniotic fluid leak?!

Jordyn • Jordyn. 27. Pansexual. Fetlife. Poly. Single. Pregnant with #1

Hello ladies, I’m about to be going to the doctor for an extreme leakage concern and I’m worried it could be amniotic fluid. Has anyone every bad that problem before during pregnancy. I’m really nervous.


The doctor is pretty sure I have a vagina infection but now I’m off to the hospital because she wants to make sure my water didn’t break.

UPDATE: well, was at the hospital for 5 hours the other day. And yesterday my doctor called and said I had two infections. A yeast infection and Trichomoniasis, if you don’t know what that is it’s a curable STD. (Right?! I freaked out too!) I took my antibiotic for the STD last night and then I start my medicine for the yeast infection in a few days. The only great thing was my mom stayed with me at the hospital, my amniotic fluid was plentiful, and baby Teagan was moving lots!