Husband is constantly thinking he isn't good enough in anything?

My husband was raised constantly being told he wasn't as good as his cousins or won't be as good as his dad (very successful). Sometimes my husband will just randomly spurt out "I'm just not that handsome, or big, or good at anything". And tell me that I am too good for him. It is so hard to deal with because I chose him because I love him! I constantly am telling him how handsome he is. How proud I am of him. Literally all the time. If I am not over excited to see him in the morning or when he gets home for work then he's like "did you not miss me or love me?".

One time I turned around to look for him at the gym and he thought I was looking at someone else and comes up to me basically shaking asking me if I was looking at another guy. And I wasn't!

It's uncontrollable anxiety and insecurity. He has agreed to get help but it's so hard😭 I make him tell me 3 good things he did everyday at night.

Any suggestions?