Devastated! Could definitely use some miracle stories!


After a year and a half of trying to conceive with inconsistent periods and being diagnosed with PCOS, last week I took a pregnancy test and it was Positive! My husband and I were so ecstatic! Only a very small handful of people knew we were pregnant due to wanting to surprise the rest of our families. Yesterday was our first Ultrasound and the Dr. told us there was an empty gestational sac, and it was measuring half the size of what it should have. I have been having some light pink spotting consistently, and on Sunday I had more red with small chunks bleeding. When I was getting ready for the ultrasound as I sat down on the bed, I was bleeding, not extremely heavy but it happened all of a sudden. The Dr. told us I should expect to miscarry in the next 48 hours. We are DEVASTATED! I still have yet to have extreme heavy bleeding, it hasn't progressed at all. I guess I'm hoping to read some uplifting stories and miracles! Thank you! Anything will help.