Ungrateful People

Y’all I volunteer in my community at a place that does FREE services for the less fortunate or people down on their luck. We give away clothing, food and shampoo and shit. I work in the men’s clothing room and today I had a client come in and says he’s size 32. I tell him unfortunately sometimes our donations can’t keep up with the supply for men’s pants and unfortunately we don’t have jeans/khakis/casual pants in your size. I do have a pair of 33x34 here though. Dude says “no I’m more of a 30”. Why the hell did you say 32 then bro!? So I tell him well then I can find you some dress pants in a 30. No I need jeans. Well oooookay. I’m sorry we don’t have any. Grown ass man basically pitchin a fit bc we don’t have jeans in his size. Different guy had come in before him lookin for the same size. “I’m sorry, we don’t have any.” He goes two sizes up and says “that’s okay I can just wear a belt”. Awesome. Cool guy. I’m sorting through clothes and hanging and sizing and I find a box of casual pants (this is where I found the 33x34) “hey! I’ve got a pair of brown khakis in a 32x34” “great! Thanks!” Very appreciative. And don’t even get me started on the people that come in wreaking of weed. You’re coming here because you can’t afford clothing/food for yourself and/or your family. Buuuuuuuut you can afford weed. What? And THEN, then you get the people that have like EIGHT kids. Woman, you should’ve stopped when you couldn’t afford the first one. I try to be the least judgmental that I can. Like “maybe they were doing fine when the first 7 came out but got down on their luck or lost their job.” But then when the 10 person family comes back 10+ times, that’s when I start getting a little judgey. Our clothing services can only be used every 60 days and food can only be every 30. If you’ve been coming here for years, why haven’t you tried to find a job yet??? Okay. Done ranting. It’s my last day here. I just had to vent.

Edit: I was having a rough day. The goods have consistently outweighed the bads. I’ve been volunteering at this site for close to a year and as I said - Friday was my last day. I was overcome with lots of emotion and I think I was channeling the sadness into irritation. Bc if I’m irritated it won’t be as hard to leave - right? Wrong. I cried.