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Hello Glow ladies, first time mom here seeking some help and advice. So here it goes....Yesterday I woke up feeling super yucky, I was having bad diarrhea, minor cramping, normal Braxton hicks, but was super nauseous and even threw up and few times, I thought i have maybe a stomach flu, or even food I kept myself hydrated and even went home right after work and slept until this morning around 6am. Well this morning I wake up and there's no more diarrhea thank god...but my cramping/Braxton hicks has become way more intense, I having a hard time doing things, the pain last about a minute, it's very intense in my back and lower abdomen. At times it even stops me in my tracks, I don't know what to do I emailed my doctor but she isn't responding and I'm concerned because I'm only 32 weeks. Help please