If your ex called you. What would you do?

So I am sitting on my bed minding my own business on my laptop. My phone starts vibrating, so I look down at my phone it says no caller ID, so I don’t think nothing of it being my ex. Sometimes you get important phone calls with unknown number. I answered and I said hello. My ex says what’s up and I’m like hello who is this because I didn’t know who it was at first. Then he was like that’s how you feel about me now. I was like wtf in my head. I said I’m happily married and told him his stupid gf and her sister need to stay out my inbox. I was like they disrespecting me. I said I don’t talk to you and haven’t talk to you. I said I haven’t had no contact with you so why you hitting me up. He didn’t stay in the phone for long. He hung up because he had to give the phone back. Might I add that his stupid ass is in jail. I don’t want that fool and it’s been over with. I don’t message him or nothing and have no communication with him. Just out of the blue he had hit me up and I thought my husband had blocked any unknown phone number from hitting me up. But anyways he felt shock when I said I was married which should have sent him shock. Oh well.

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