Do I have the right to be upset


So my toddler laid in bed with me from 7:30-8:30 This morning. Toddler being in bed isn’t nice peaceful sleep it’s more like dozing sleep because he kicks and claws and fiddles like crazy. It’s annoying for me and hubby because hubby works 3-1:30 comes to bed at 2:30. So he’s tired. Which I get. But my son finally gets down to play with big sister and not more than 10 mins later she asks to watch tv which I tell her no and she has a full tantrum over that pretty much lasted for the rest of the morning. I roll over to cuddle my husband and he pulls away and grumpily tells me no like he’s upset. I’m like “what’s wrong?” And he’s like “the kids are making me grumpy” ok well that’s not my fault but okay I get it so I just roll over and lay in bed for awhile longer and I’m irritated but I let it go.

Well then just now I’m heading to bed and He says something about always wanting to snuggle me and im like “except in the mornings” and he’s like “what? No. Just his morning. You were upsetting me” and I’m like “what?!? Why?” And has kid you not he says “because the kids have gone like 13 hours of not interacting with you by 9:00 and you wanted to make it 14.”

Well excuse the F out of me for wanting to sleep in for once! I shut up and headed to bed but I’m steaming in here. The guilt trip in there really set me off. Plus I had a hard time getting to sleep that night and he knows that. Yeah that kids are being annoying and I get that it’s frustrating

but that’s not my fault and it’s not like he doesn’t get hours of peace and quite after I get up. Am I overreacting?

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