Bike Trailler Jogger Used As Stroller Etiquette?


So for this winter we got a Via Vélo bike trailer with jogger conversion. It's not big but it's not small. We don't have a car so use the bus and in winter here we have need of a full coverage stroller with large tires to get over/through the snow. My question is, is it bad manners I guess, to bring these style of joggers on the bus, into malls, stores etc? There were days last year I can to push our stroller like a shovel or push on the road because of the snow. I guess we'll go on the bus and malls anyway. The bus will just have to deal. And we can park it at the nursing station at the mall. Anyone have experience or feedback? I just feel self conscious pushing such a large thing, and for the life of me don't remember seeing others in the wilderness yet on the bus with these.