It was amazing.😍

so my and my boyfriend haven’t been dating long but it feels like it’s been a life time. it’s been 2 months and we just had sex today for the 3rd time. he took my virginity and his ex girl took his. so he has only ever had sex with me and his ex. usually I️ would never do anything like this, this early on, but it felt natural and I️’m not going to regret it in the end. oh btw I️’m 14... and he is 16, and yea I️ know I’m really young but oh well. 🤷🏼‍♀️anyway I️ have gave him bj’s before and he has to finish himself, it takes him a long time to finish and I️ could never do it myself (no one has ever made him cum besides himself)... until today.😉 i am sooooo proud of myself!!! we have only had sex three times and the third I️m made him cum?? like what?!?! so so proud of myself.😂 just wanted to share😊