Lesbian experience

So I’m straight & have a boyfriend but like I’m hella curious to have a lesbian sex. Like obviously I find girls pretty but I don’t look at them like I do with lads & think ‘daaaamn u a peng ting’. Anyone else like this??? Idk I just really like sex and lesbian porn has made me even more curious to try.

So anyways, there’s this girl I go sixth form with and she’s hinted about toys etc and she’s normally hella shy & I just get vibes from her that she’d be down to fuck but dk how to approach it at all. How would I hint to see if she’s down??? Any help.

P.s my boyfriend said it’s totally cool if I did it, he asked for a threesome so I could maybe experience it that way but I don’t like the idea of sharing him with anyone, so he’s said he understands and wouldn’t mind just so long as I told him.

P.p.s don’t comment hate, I just want advice. Everyone on this app always seems so ruuuude🙄